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Jun 122017

Water Tracker Hydration Reminder – iHydrate for Iphone. You’re not drinking enough water. We can help with charts and reminders (included) to keep you going. Every 3 seconds, someone around the world is using iHydrate to track & improve their daily water intake. With over 40,000 users around the world and a 4.5 star rating everyone is enjoying iHydrate.

Water is so critical to your health, we’ve created this easy, intuitive app to help you track your water intake. We calculate a personalized water intake goal for you based on your individual information, lifestyle and exercise choices. With iHydrate you can achieve your goals!

Carefully track how much water you consume during your day to day actives from drinks such as Juice, Tea, Coffee, Energy Drinks, and Sports Drinks.

*** Key Features ***
– Add your own custom pre-defined drink amount
– Get reminders that keep you on track
– Create unlimited custom reminders
– Customize badge notification to your preference
– Manually enter your own drink amount
– Modify the date and time of entries
– Calculate your personalized water intake goal
– Track your drinks consumed
– Visual representation of your daily progress
– Breakdown of total water intake
– Breakdown of which drinks you had
– Graphs showing your daily intake over time
– Universal units of measure and time

Many of us don’t drink enough water, but it is a key element for a healthy life. By increasing your water intake you can benefit in so many ways!

– Help lose weight!
– Help keep your skin look vibrant and young!
– Maintain balance of body fluids!
– Help control calories!
– Help energize your muscles!
– Keep your kidneys healthy!
– Maintain normal bowel function!

Don’t waste another day being dehydrated when iHydrate can get you on track now!

“I too get so busy that I forget to to drink fluids during the day unless I’m exercising or at a meal. And then by evening I’m so thirsty, drinks lots of water and then up several times during the night. Argh:/ This app truly helps me get the fluids I need throughout the day. It’s simple and easy to use. Has a nice UI too. (WHY do people give low ratings for the product not doing something it never claimed it could do???? Don’t buy it if it doesn’t do everything you want it to! I love it:)”

“iHydrate is great! As a dancer I need to keep hydrated so I don’t injure myself. I used to forget about drinking water. Now that I have iHydrate it tells me approximately how much water I need to drink for the day. Now I’m now more conscientious about that amount of water I consume. It’s so easy to use. I love the pie chart feature; which shows me my amount of water intake I’ve had for the day. I appreciate the different drink options, because I like having a variety of juices! It’s a great app, I use it so much!”

“I’ve been looking for one of these for a while. And it’s so useful that it’s on my home screen. I have a very busy schedule and forget to drink water a lot. I’ve even gone a whole day without drinking before. That being said since downloading iHydrate, I have met my goal every day. I especially like how I can calculate for all sorts of drinks, and I’ve noticed it calculates a percentage of non-water drinks. That’s really helpful in helping me see how hydrated I am, when I’m not just drinking water.”

Please Note: This app is designed to help you monitor your water intake based on recognized guidelines. iHydrate is not a medical app. Please consult with your physician if you plan to use it for medical purposes.

Stay hydrated, stay healthy. Get iHydrate today!

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