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Jun 172017

Rating: 5/5

The JM Autism Foundation Behavior Support Program is designed to provide guidance for parents in working with their children who have Autism.

Materials have been obtained from actual assessments using the VB-MAPPĀ©, functional assessments and behavior support plans created by therapists and used by the JM Autism Foundation.

This information contained in this app is to be used for basic parent guidance only, not for therapeutic purposes.

The designer is a parent of a child with Autism and receives Behavior Supports such as ABA Therapy, but could not find a guide to help the family deal with many every day situations at home.

This app will assist you with potty training, interactive play activities, and provide you with creative ways to engage your child. It is designed to tell you “what to do and what not to do”. It will also provide you with some preventive strategies for various situations.

Feel free to contact the designer to ask for a personalized app for your child based on his/her official assessment.

Protocol in each category was derived from actual behavior therapy programming for children with Autism and provided as a courtesy from the parents.

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