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Jun 202017

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Create & Name Folders and Create & Name Pictures Before Taking Them!
The Pictures will be stored in a directory called PICTURES and the folders will be what you name them.
Use the same folder name to add more pictures to that folder.
Use the same picture name to have a series of like pictures.(the final name is the name you assign and the date plus a serial number at the end to distinguish between same name and date photos)
For example you could make a folder called Cadillacs and in it you could have Stock#1234 used over and over again to to see all the pics of one stock number…then also Stock#4321 used over and over to create many pics for that car….Another Example: Name a folder Baby and pictures Playing. Then use Playing over and over again as the picture name to see a series of the Baby growing and Playing as well as others like Eating, Sleeping, Etc.. Or you can just name each and every photo differently!

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