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Jun 232017

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The Official Basel Audio Guide

Enjoy all 5 audio tours of old Basel that have been named after famous Basel personalities such as Paracelsus, Erasmus von Rotterdam or Holbein. Colour-coded signs mark your route in the historical part of the city, and you can listen to interesting information, anecdotes and stories at each point of interest in whatever order you choose. Basel has one of the most beautiful and well preserved old towns in Europe.

You may want to walk the tours that take you back through several eras, or listen to them sitting on a bench in the sunshine – the decision is yours! You can listen to them when you want and in whatever order you choose – the itour Guide has been specially designed to meet your individual needs. All you need is your iPhone!

The GPS- function of this APP Neefs more batterie from tour Smartphone. You can switch off the GPS- function meanwhile to safe energy. The audio- visual tour runs without GPS too.

This audio guide was produced in cooperation with Basel Tourismus and iGuide Media GmbH. Further information at: http://www.itour.de and http://www.basel.com

• 5 Routes comprising altogether 50 stations
• High quality audio tour with professional recording artists
• Map with zoom and selectable points of interests
• GPS navigation
• Scrollable menu list with direct selection for all points of interest
• Multiple slide show images for each point of interest.

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