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Jun 262017

Workout Playlist for Iphone. Workout Playlist is the first weight lifting app to introduce the “playlist” format of working out. Simply pick the muscles you would like to train, how long you would like to train, and at what intensity. Then let WP “shuffle” a video playlist of exercises for you or build your own from our full library of exercises -the options are endless. WP guides you through your workout with videos of real people performing each exercise with proper form, as well as written tips and suggested rest windows.

If you haven’t lifted weights before, this is the perfect tool to kick-start your workouts with proper form and appropriate intensity. And even if you’re an experienced weight lifter, Workout Playlist provides new variety to any regular workout through its unique flexibility and training features.

-No login necessary. Just open and work out.

-Videos of real people performing hundreds of exercises with proper form.

-‘Tips’ available for each exercise with expert tips to complement video.

-Features free weight, body weight, and cable exercises, along with basic machines.

-Guides you through your Workout Playlist with rest intervals based on your selected intensity.

-Do as many sets/reps as you’d like, then press ‘Next’ when you want to move on to the next exercise in your Workout Playlist.

-Allows for stock Music app to run in the background so you can still play your favorite workout music.

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