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Jun 302017

Rating: 2.6/5

What do you get when you combine the beauty of ebony with emojies? You get Ebonojies (Eh-bon-ojies)
Finally! Black Emojis that look like us; for ALL of us! Ebonojies has a huge collection of ethnic inspired emojies with themes ranging from food, sports, flags, feelings and local expressions from several black cultures worldwide. Ebonojies are creative, intelligent, and unique.

Download the app and show your pride and support for ALL Black cultures! Utilize our Ebonojies anytime, anywhere and make your online conversations more interesting, attractive and meaningful. Use ebonojies to convey what words fail to do. Over 200 emojies to choose from! Spice up birthday, anniversary, congratulatory messages and daily conversations with our emojies. Easy to install and use, they are your “go-to” emoticons!

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