Before Leaving

Before Leaving for Iphone. Before leaving your location don’t forget your things this is application idea.

Before Leaving application is an amazing solution to stop forgetting your things and belongings before leaving places, even if you are in a hurry!

With this cool app, you can pick your important belongings needed for work, sport, travel and leisure time with you, and be smartly organized. Surely, you will get matchless user experience like no other apps available on store.

Using Before Leaving, you can preselect things and let your app remind you of them before leaving any place.

Key features of Before Leaving:

• Things: choose from predefined list of things, i.e. key chain, wallet, wristwatch etc…

• Locations: choose your locations, such as home, work, club, etc…
– Add your favorite locations from the map using visual icons.
– Search in the map by Google and Foursquare.
– Location based reminder. 

• Pick leaving time early: set your leaving time so that our Befo Fish remind you 10 minutes before it comes, with the ability to repeat the alarm for any number of days.

• Add note for each thing: add brief comment on each thing you choose to be reminded of, beside actions you want to take.

• Record voice notes for your reminder.

• Add your own things and locations: if listings in the app don’t include your stuff or locations, you can add your own ones.

•The app engages your friends in a whole new experience. They will cooperate with your app to keep you reminded of all your things.
– Add friends to your reminder.
– Send emails to your friends to be aware of your reminder.

• Sync with third-party apps and services:
– iCloud.
– Reminders app.
– Evernote.
– Calendar/event integration.
– Foursquare check-in.

• 2 themes – enjoy the new look.

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