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Jul 272017

No more iTunes! WinX MediaTrans 3.8 enables you to edit, add, delete, unchain DRM and transfer iOS files in multi-way. No Apple ID needed, you manage your music, movies, photos, books and other files securely – without
risk of file erasing.

More than an iTunes alternative. Give you what iTunes lacks.

  • Enable direct two-way transfer as simple as copy-and-paste:photos, videos, music, eBooks, Voice, etc.
  • Move non-iTunes media to iPhone. Auto convert video to MP4, audio to MP3.
  • Unchain DRM. Make M4V/M4P/M4A files from iTunes Store playable in any devices.
  • Utilize Hardware Acceleration tech. Selectively transfer iPhone (photos) to PC in a flash.
  • Make iPhone ringtone with music on your computer or iPhone.
  • Turn iDevice into USB to store any files.

Bonus: Submit your story with iTunes. Be the Meme King and win Paypal cash ($1200 in total).

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