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Aug 012017

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The doorbell rings, but you’re not expecting visitors. With the new iDor Mobile™ app, you can immediately see who’s at your door. Using your Android device, you can now communicate with your visitors from your home or remotely on a 3G or 4G network.
• When someone rings your doorbell or presses the call button, an image automatically appears on your Android phone and Tablet. You can now talk directly with your visitor and decide if you want to open the door.
• If you have multiple cameras installed, you can also switch between interior and exterior views of your home.
As long as you are within the wireless range of your home or are accessing a 3G or 4G network, iDor Mobile is always ready for you — it’s the most useful innovation since the invention of the doorbell!
All you need to control the iDor Mobile app is the controller, an Android phone or Tablet with Android 4.2 – Jelly Bean (API level 17) and up, a Siedle or iDor Mobile video intercom system, and a wireless or 3G/4G connection. Is your intercom system older? No problem — iDor Mobile is compatible with most video intercom systems

** The iDor Mobile ® app will only support tested versions of Android devices which are listed on Google Play **
Ø Jelly Bean
Ø Kit Kat
Ø Lollipop
Ø Marshmallow

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