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Aug 182017

DotSpace – Colorful Grid Checklist Organizer for Iphone. Organize anything with SHAPES and COLORS instead of boring lists! Now with iPad Pro support.

DotSpace is a space you fill with color-coded “mini-notes.” Move your notes around, and tap them On and Off (like checklist items).

DotSpace is an app YOU design the way YOU want. Use it as a shopping list, to-do list, trip packing list, task organizer, or a table for tracking small bits of info—from game scores and character sheets, to event RSVPs, to brainstorming and planning.


• No scrolling: store up to 45 mini-notes, all visible at once on your iPhone. 108 on iPad, 300 on iPad Pro!

• Quicker and easier: color, shape and position help you remember where each item is at a glance.

• Lists lack organization. But DotSpace lets you move notes around and group them any way you like, with 3 shapes and 27 colors. (Use black if you want a label with no shape.)

• Finished with an item for now? Tap to “check it off” and it will turn dark until you need it again.

• Make your own custom “Household Wants Indicator” like the one in Downton Abbey’s kitchen. Who wouldn’t want that?!

TIPS AND TRICKS: Export a screenshot by clicking the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time. Type a bullet-dot or long dash by long-pressing the “minus” key.

LIMITATIONS: This app does not currently support emoji, Voiceover, cloud sync, or landscape mode.

THANKS FOR TRYING MY APP! I’d love to hear what uses you find for it. Problems? Feature requests? Let me know at adamsimmersive.com.

— Morgan Adams

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