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Aug 252017

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Happy Shapes Cause and Effect was created for young people with complex needs including developmental delay, visual impairment and autism who are learning to operate a tablet by touch or by pressing an assistive technology switch.

Happy Shapes Cause & Effect features …

TEN shape themed touch activities and rewards
High contrast images in vivid colors to assist those with visual challenges
Motivating music and animation to help increase engagement.
No ‘in app purchases’ or advertising.

Choose ‘Cause & Effect’ level to work on touch targeting skills. Touch the colorful shape to receive a reward.

Choose the ‘Learn to Wait’ level to work on attention and anticipation skills. Set a wait time from 5 to 20 seconds. A colorful shape will pop onto the screen after the time is up. Touch the shapes to receive a reward.

Those with physical challenges can also operate Happy Shapes Cause and Effect with any bluetooth, wireless or wired assistive technology switch capable of sending SPACE

Happy Shapes Cause & Effect was designed by a special ed teacher with 20 years of experience in using technology to support the learning, communication and leisure needs of individuals with severe and complex physical, cognitive and sensory challenges.

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