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Aug 252017

StickyStudy: Japanese Kana for Iphone. [Includes full audio & animations]

Need to learn Japanese kana quickly AND well? Welcome to StickyStudy.

Main Features

◆ Beautiful “Map” Interface
All kana are shown as one large map that you can freely scroll and zoom around in. Depending on your progress, each sticky is assigned a colour from red to green.

◆ Kana Animations
Includes stroke animations – not just vector lines but real brush-style strokes (a big thanks to Satoru Shinagawa)

◆ Leitner Study Method = Awesome
Stickystudy remembers your progress for every character and adjusts the testing frequency accordingly.

◆ Audio
Clear audio from a native speaker for all characters and words.

◆ List View
Classic “list view” with searching and sorting.

◆ Examples
Each sticky is cross-referenced with common example words (with English romaji)

◆ History
Your study progress is constantly updated in a rolling bar chart.

*** Summary ***

◆ A beautiful, smooth, free scrolling “map” interface
◆ Full Hiragana & Katakana included
◆ Real world examples that you’ll actually use
◆ Romaji for all example words
◆ SRS Study algorithm
◆ Stroke animation for each character
◆ Audio for each character and word
◆ Filtering, sorting and searching
◆ Dropbox backup/restore/sync
◆ Study calendar guides you every day
◆ Rolling progress statistics
◆ Numerous customisation options
◆ Universal app. iOS6+
◆ “Launch Centre Pro” = “stickystudykana://”
◆ Emails answered within 24 hours.

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