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Aug 302017

Barcode for Iphone. Barcode is the fastest, most precise and most user-friendly QR reader and barcode scanner for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It’s from the makers of the award winning ProCamera app – the photographers’ app – and it offers the same level of sophistication and quality.

Use Barcode for pure recognition, for price comparison with Amazon, or instantly browse the web for the scanned information. Use its ability to directly utilize the data of any code you scan: you can add calendar events to your calendar, vCard information to your address book, or open maps to view a location – all with just one tap. You can also easily share the scan results on Twitter and Facebook or via mail and text.

Open the app and point your device at the code – done! Fully automatic recognition.

Barcode will then offer appropriate actions according to the content:
– Contacts: add new contact or add individual fields to existing contacts;
– Call phone number;
– Add event to Calendar;
– Copy to clipboard;
– Open location in Maps;
– Open URL;
– Open YouTube link;
– Open iTunes link;
– Open App Store link;
– Call or send SMS to a phone number;
– Send email;
– Display WiFi credentials: Copy & Paste SSID, network type, and password to iOS Settings App;
– Display EAN or ISBN: Search products in Amazon or web (opens in Safari app);
– Embedded Facebook integration: Post to wall;
– Embedded Twitter integration: Send Tweets.

On devices with flash, the app provides a torch light with adjustable intensity.

You can even define a custom URL action to use this app for your own special purpose.

Unlike competing apps, this scanner can scan ALL common kinds of codes reaching from the well-known QR codes, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-E, UPC-A, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, I-25, CODE39 (3of9), CODE128, PDF417, to Data Matrix codes!

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