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Aug 302017

Rating: 5/5

“Last light” is an atmospheric game in the genre of arcade puzzle (puzzle-platformer) in a minimalistic style, events of which take place in a world immersed in the darkness. You take the role of the last light creature, who tries to escape that place and bring the light to the world.

Your goal is to find the key in a dark room, lighting your way with the light, and get to the exit.
In Last light you can find 48 levels, each level is more difficult than the previous one. While playing the game you’ll have to face the growing number of various traps and puzzles, as well as different types of enemies.

Using the surroundings to your advantage – avoid the enemies, hiding behind the obstacles and casting the shadow on them. This way they won’t pursue you. Lure them into traps with sharp spikes and interact with the moving objects, reflecting the deadly lasers and building your way to salvation.

Try to solve the puzzles in a limited amount of time. The point of this regime is that at every level you should be able to find the key and get to the finish, while the light in your character is still alive. The more time you spend passing the level, the less light will be in your character.

If you like the old games, or you’re a fan of pixel art, you can explore the “retro” style.

• Puzzle-platformer with top-down view
• 48 unique levels
• The extraordinary effects of light and shadow
• Simple control of swipe and touch
• “Retro” mode
• “Timer” mode
• “Infinity” level
• Battery energy saving with “ECO” mode
• Different levels of difficulty
• Customization of your character

for any questions mail to : contact@badmangames.com

Twitter: @badmangames
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/badmangames
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/badmanstudio

Web: http://badmangames.com

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