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Sep 072017

Rating: 4/5

Boj tunnels and runs through Giggly Park collecting objects to help his buddies.

*** NEWS UPDATE: Awarded best Game Play Design at BAFTA Cymru Games and Interactive Awards 2015 ***

Boj likes to help his buddies the best way he knows how: with a Boj-a-boom idea! Guide Boj as he tunnels and runs through Giggly Park, collecting what he needs to solve his buddies’ problems and playing ukulele along the way!

An exciting and rewarding side scrolling game for pre-school children (and up). With comic introductions to each of his buddies’ dilemmas; Boj sets off to help them – collecting, counting, digging, jumping, playing music and congratulating the player as he goes. The game ensures lots of replay value with features such as: adapting to a players ability – to assist younger and challenge successful players, tracking high scores and generating a new level layout each time it’s played!

Simple controls – Boj will travel to where your finger is pressing on screen. Press and keep touching and as you move up and down he will follow. When you take your finger off and he will travel straight. When he’s above ground, tap to jump, Yay!

Game features:

– Rich and colourful design
– Smooth, satisfying gameplay
– Unique animation and sound effects
– Procedurally generated levels (never the same twice!)
– Dynamic difficulty responds to how well you play
– High score tally for those who like a challenge
– Lots of pay-offs and rewards for your actions
– Ad free, child friendly and no extra charges
– Officially endorsed Boj app

Dig, run, have fun – Let’s get Boj-ing!

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