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Sep 162017

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Criminals need their anonymity in order to commit a crime. They can operate in the shadows, unimpeded, as long as no one knows what they look like or where they perpetrate their crimes. The PerpAlert® mobile application was inspired by our desire to expose these criminals and provide the identification needed for prosecution by capturing them in the act, or more importantly before they can commit the crime.

Most crimes are committed by people who feel that they will never be identified or caught. You can take this power away by shining light on their activities by using this simple tool to identify them…. capture their picture and send it to the safety of your home computer.

PerpAlert® is simple to setup and even more simple to use. You download the app from one of the mobile app stores, install it and you are ready to go.

A simple touch of the PerpAlert® icon on your phone and the app opens, turns on the camera, takes three photos in rapid succession and immediately, with no other activity by the user, uploads the images to as many as 3 email accounts for retrieval if necessary. Just ONE touch does it! These images are also stored on your phone, if needed immediately by the police or other law enforcement agency. PerpAlert® will also has an optional feature to send a text to your 3 contacts stating “I need help” at the same time the photos are being emailed.

Even if the criminal takes your phone, his or her image has already been captured and sent to a safe place for his or her identification. Visit our website: http://ThePerpAlert.com

Make PerpAlert® a part of your daily life and always be aware of your surroundings:

• Walking or jogging alone
• Walking to your car in a mall or parking structure
• Accepting help from a stranger
• Going to class at night on campus
• Suspicious people around a school or playground
• Witnessing a “Hit and Run” accident
• A license plate of a suspicious vehicle
• Carjacking threat
• People working or making repairs to your home
• Witnessing a crime in progress (shoplifting, hold-up, bullying, etc.)



This mobile app is proudly brought to you by The Vigilant Parent, LLC (http://TheVigilantParent.com)

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