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Sep 302017

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Halloween Bash is a fun challenging game full of SPOOK-TACULAR sounds and graphics to entertain all those who love Halloween! Have a blast popping as many pumpkins as you can– the more pumpkins you pop, the higher levels you go! Drag the pumpkins by the vines to group like-colors and earn bonus points when you pop them one-after-another. Beware of the many SPECIAL characters that occur on different levels for extra challenges – NOT ALL ARE FRIENDLY!!

The GHOST is a joker – will match any color of pumpkins
The TREAT BAG may be Good OR may be BAD for your game — it’s a MyStErY!!
The Wicked WITCH – BEWARE she will eat all your pumpkins she can reach!
The PUMPKIN BAT – your ENEMY! He will blowup all your balloons!
The TICKING-TIME BAT – your friend to slow the screen play so you can easily pop all your

Includes 45 Levels with 130 Stars to unlock! Enjoy 3 Different backgrounds throughout the levels.
Game saves high score so you can challenge your friends!

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