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Oct 212017

Rating: 4.5/5

Grapes Issue, new puzzle game !

Combining physics and arcade play styles, Grapes Issue is a puzzle game available on smartphones and tablets.
Build the greatest amount of juice, crossing the levels through the vineyard and vine press !
Unlock douzains of trap to solve the puzzle and play with the jumping grapes !

Traps present in the unlimited version of Grapes Issue :
★ Nuts
★ Apple
★ Bee
★ Chestnust
★ Double bee
★ Candied apple
★ Trampoline
★ Bubble
★ Teleporter
★ Strong trampoline

★★★★★ REVIEW ★★★★★

“Grapes Issue is a refreshing and addictive puzzle/physics game where you’re going to torture grapes to make the utmost quantity of juice !” android-games.fr

“Challenge is here and will keep the most audacious in suspense” androgames.fr

“It’s beautiful, it’s colorful, it’s vibrant … Very satisfactory for its price, this game is likely to animate most of your daily trips or a long train travel” gamingtest.fr

★★★★★ AWARDS ★★★★★

Grapes Issue best independent game of the week – supergamedroid.com 04/09/2014

★★★★★ SITES AND VIDEOS ★★★★★

You’re fan of Grapes Issue? Visit the official game page , http://www.facebook.com/GrapesIssue where information is given frequently.

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