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Heimdal Pro Review


What it does.

Heimdal Pro by Heimdal Security is a software that can work alongside your antivirus software to help identify and avoid cyber attacks happening.
It can detect and prevent threats before they become attacks as it has the ability to detect threats that your usual antivirus software may not be able to detect.

Heimdal PRO is a cyber threat security suite that uses Internet traffic scanning to keep you safe against ransomware, financial Trojans, data-stealing malware and other threats that antivirus can’t detect.

It closes vulnerabilities and mitigates exploits by keeping vulnerable 3rd party programs (Flash, Java, browsers, etc.) always up-to-date. According to US-CERT, that stops more than 85% of attacks targeted towards vulnerable software.

Who created it?

The Heimdal Security software was initially developed in 2011 by Team Defcon CTF World Champions in hacking and is now used to protect organizations and users across the world against advanced cyber attacks.

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But… I already have an antivirus program…

Heimdal PRO is not an antivirus, but it’s a perfect complement to one. Antivirus is reactive because it looks for files and actions, whereas Heimdal is proactive, analysing your Internet traffic.

It is different from antivirus software, but can be used alongside your current antivirus as another means of protection and defense against any potential leaks of your personal information or accidentally accessing malicious websites.
It is designed to detect and stop zero-hour exploits which may be not currently detected by regular antivirus, due to their newness, as it can take a while for antivirus vendors to detect threats and then push out updates to their antivirus software.


Traffic Scanning Ability

It has the ability to scan your incoming and outgoing internet traffic to detect malware or potential connections to harmful websites, etc.

Internet traffic is monitored in real-time to avoid potentially accessing any websites or links which could be a security risk due to phishing or other such hacker attempts to gain your passwords or other sensitive information.


Still Manually Updating Software?

The free version of Heimdal Pro can automatically update various software on your computer to their latest versions, potentially avoiding any exploitable security weaknesses which may be contained in out of date softwares, usually the current version of programs is the most likely version to have had any vulnerabilities recognized and patched.

Doing this automatically is a big time saver, as it could otherwise take a lot of time to manually update the various software on your computer if you were to do it one by one.

Heimdal Malware Engine

The Heimdal Malware Engine works by analyzing potentially malicious code to detect and block Trojans, harmful scripts, spyware and other such threats. It compares the signatures of the files on your computer to a constantly updated database to find any potentially malicious matches.

According to their website, it is not resource intensive, so it shouldn’t slow down your computer.

User Interface

It has an attractive and easy to understand user interface. Each of its main features has its own section, and there is an information button beside the options, clicking this will reveal more information about each option, making it very easy to quickly learn what each option does. You can quickly enable or disable features based on your personal preferences.

Weekly Reports

It also can give you weekly reports about what it has been up to in the last week, such as updating software, blocking attacks, etc.


Overall, as an additional layer of defence alongside a good antivirus program, Heimdal Pro is a great addition to keeping your computer free of malware, ransomware, keyloggers, and all those other bad things, as well as helping to protect your personal data from outside threats.

It also saves a lot of time that you would otherwise be spending on manually updating your computer software!


List of Heimdal Pro Features:

  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Silent Vulnerability Blocking
  • Software Manager
  • Security News Alerts
  • Free Support
  • Traffic-based Malware Detection
  • Advanced Traffic Scanning & Filtering
  • Online Banking Security

    Protection against:

  • Adware & Spyware
  • Botnets
  • Browser & DNS hijacking
  • Data Leakage & Data Theft
  • Drive-by Attacks
  • Email Malware Distribution
  • Exploit Kits
  • Fileless Malware
  • Form-grabbing Malware
  • Keyloggers
  • Macro Viruses & more
  • Malicious Traffic Redirects
  • Malvertising
  • Phishing, Whaling, Pharming
  • Polymorphic Malware
  • Potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)
  • Ransomware
  • Remote Access Trojans
  • Rogueware
  • URL & SQL injection
  • Zero Day Malware

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