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Nov 112017

Memorandum: Calendar, Task Manager & Personal Organizer for Iphone. Record your events and reminders as simple as using a regular notebook. Memorandum is convenient and easy-to-use diary/organizer. It is specially designed for quick and easy access to find and add your relevant records. It’s minimalistic design helps you to focus on the exact information your are looking for.

Key features:

• Based on built-in iOS calendars and reminders with the ability to sync*¹ between all of your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices
• Ability to add and edit reminders
• Ability to add and edit events, add attendees, accept invitations
• Ability to add, delete and customize calendars and reminders lists
• Clear and simple minimalistic interface
• Calendar view with markers for both events and reminders
• Fast filter allows you to quickly list entries from specific calendar
• Date range control buttons allow you to list all entries from selected month, week or day
• Support for “Dynamic Type”, font size used in app reflects font size selected in iOS preferences

*¹ Syncing is done via iCloud automatically and managed by iOS. If you are using local calendars and reminders you’ll be unable to sync them. Create iCloud calendars and reminder lists to sync them with your other devices. Or you can use any other service that supports events and reminders synchronization and supported by iOS

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