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Nov 162017

Batata Creatures for Iphone. “BOUNCING AT THE LAB”

An experiment goes wrong & new creatures are born. Help the “Batata Creatures” to get into the test tube on its way to freedom!

Do you want to turn out yourself into a hero? You can be one rescuing some defenseless creatures from a lab they are imprisoned. Just need you to help them bounce off your finger to escape through a test tube avoiding dangerous obstacles and gravity changes. Be prepared for rescue mission, it’s harder than it seems.

– 75 levels of pure entertainment!
– 10 Batata Tokens hidden all over the game!
– 5 Secret Levels to unlock at Bonus section!
– Easy gameplay making it accessible to all gamer targets, from kids to adults.
– Lovely characters and catchy soundtracks creating unique game atmospheres.

Join us on Facebook and visit our web site for more details. (http://inclan.batatacreatures.com/)

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