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Nov 222017

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★ 11 Danish Language
★ 12 Dutch Stve Version
★ 13 English Kjv Version (Audio)
★ 14 English Ukjv Version (Audio)
★ 15 Espanol Rvg Version (Audio)

★ Favorite verses.
★ Search for words linked in Google.
★ Marking words in verses.
★ Sharing of verses and contents in social networks.
★ Navigation arrowheads of books and chapters in the Bible.
★ Quick and convenient menu of verses.
★ Handling tips for a better user experience.
★ Zoom and alphanumeric conversion of verses and contents.

★ Bible dictionary with thousands of expressions in English.
★ Dictionary with thousands of meanings of biblical names in English.
★ Keyword listing of all 1.189 chapters of the Bible.
★ Table with the countries showing the languages ​​that are spoken in them, also informing the predominance percentages of each language.
★ A collection of 100 Christian Harp hymns in English.
★ An interesting calculator with advanced mathematical features and multi-system conversion. Super useful in school, at home and at work.

* Playing the audio requires connection.
* Narrative by language only.
* Chapters with missing language are narrated in English.

Compiled By Série Manancial

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