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Dec 102017

DotTouch for Iphone. DotTouch is an application for iPhone and iPod touch for creating pixel dot graphics.
The interface specifically designed for iPhone and iPod touch lets you create pixel dot graphics with ease.

Main functions
– The dot picture of 320×320 or less is made.
– Loehr up to four layers or less
– Free line, straight line, and drawing function in rectangle and oval
– Optional pen (The size of the pen can be changed).
– Reversing and rotation of image
– The color is quickly edited by the double tap.
– Color edit of confirmation of change in pixel
– It is a cancellation of the operation up to ten times.
– The made dot picture is preserved in the photographic album.
– The made dot picture is appended to mail and it transmits.
– It takes it out with the data bringing by the Wi-Fi connection in.
– Animated feature.

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