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Dec 132017

Rating: 4.3/5

[Is this game really hard? Yes. Because, it is not easy to move the snake by touching only two sides. You should practice. Also the parts of the game are good quality and difficult. So, you should DEFINITELY try the Demo or PC version before you buy it.]

The legendary snake is now on a new adventure with more speed, new abilities and more golds…


Follow the treasure map and complete 8 different zones with 15 difficult levels for each. To get the golds you have to pass every level that designed by a master who doesnt like to share the golds with you
Do you think you really have that ability and mental strength? Be carefull it is not an easy challange!


This is a game which math and classic mixed. Will you really be fast as computers? Who can imagine the legendary snake will face with four operations like this?


Another game for you to test your vocabulary and compete with your friends. Try to collect the maximum of letters in an order. (For now it is only available on Turkish and English. Other languages are on the way)


Cant be without it. The challange is to fill all the screen with your body. What do you think, is it doable? Haha…


There are 4 different types of control;
1 and 9 or 3 and 7 ! did you remember these combination with old snake game. Than it will be easy for you to adapt on controlling the legandary snake.
But for the newbies there are also 2 more control types

Music and the backend story will coming soon..

Have fun 🙂

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