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Dec 222017

Rating: 2.4/5

IMPORTANT: Read before you buy

Goth Emoji is a custom emoji keyboard. Custom emojis are send as IMAGES, not text. This means that you cannot use custom emojis where only text is supported. You can also not add a custom emoji in the middle of a text.

Goth Emoji is a custom emoji keyboard that lets you express yourself in ways that other keyboards don’t.

Goth Emoji features goth-related emojis designed by Lisen Nattskiftet Haglund. Images, clothing, accessories, persons, symbols, animals, comments etc. – this app fulfills your every gothic need.

Tap an emoji to save it in high resolution to your photo library. You can then send it an image, wherever images can be sent, attached, posted, uploaded etc.

If you like Goth Emoji, make sure to connect with us at:

Website – http://gothemoji.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/gothemoji
Twitter – https://twitter.com/gothemojiapp
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/gothemojiapp/

Important regarding custom emojis

Custom emojis are sent as images, not text. While regular emojis are embedded into each platform, custom emojis only exist in the app they come with. As such, they must be sent as images.

Important info regarding full access

When you enable the Goth Emoji keyboard, Android warns you that this lets the app track a lot of stuff. Goth Emoji does NOT track anything. It ONLY uses full access when saving emojis to your photo album. For more information on full access and data collection, please see our privacy policy.

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