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Jan 212018

Rating: 4.1/5

Hey! Have you ever been to a party? Of course you have. But probably it wasn’t “awesome”. Why? Because you hadn’t Naughty Deeds with you! With this app every party will be amazing. No more long faces, no more boredom. It’s new era for parties!

Naughty Deed FreeStyle is the best party starter and great tool to make your party great again!

Naughty Deeds is an application that makes you do some Drama on parties. Before playing it you have to find some people, convince them to play with you and then the party begins! We have prepared for you awesome challenges but hey! Everytime you can choose one of three challenges, because we know that you probably have some “borders”. We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable… Well, maybe we want you to feel a little bit uncomfortable, but we don’t want to order you to do it. It’s your call, there is always another option for you.

So what is the Naughty Deeds?
It’s dare to square!

*For android 4.2.2 you may have problems with UI.

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