Physic virtual lab

Rating: 5/5

This app provides 67 simulations about physic phenomena and experiments in Mirrors and Lenses, Mechanic, Electricity and Magnetism, Waves, Thermodynamic fields and Quantum Mechanics.

Here are some of the simulations:

1. Mirrors and lenses: Concave mirror, Convex mirror, Concave and Convex mirror’s focuses, Concave lens, Convex lens, Concave and Convex lens focuses, Reflection laws, Refraction, Color mix, Color wheel, Two mirrors, Apparent depth, Plane mirror, Image in plane mirror, Pyramid, Monocular, Telescope.

2. Mechanic: Net vector, Pendulum, Projectile, Athode machine, Damped oscillator, Circular motion, Vernier caliper, Micrometer, Gravity energy.

3. Electricity and Magnetism: Ohm law, Magnetic field, Electroscope, Simple circuit, Electric filed for a negative and a positive source charges, Electric field vectors for two positive charges, Wire magnetic field, Electromagnetic spectrum, Faraday law, Electric motor, Generator, Transformer, Wheatstone bridge, Solenoid.

4. Waves: Spring oscillator, Wave’s reflection, Wave front, String harmonics, Harmonic oscillator, Sound propagation, Superposition, Two dimensional interference, Doppler effect, Plane wave,Young’s interference experiment.

5. Thermodynamic: Temperature scales, Depth pressure, Barometer, Differential pressure, Hydraulic pump

6. Photoelectric effect, X-ray generation.

You can change parameters or can move object easily by touching in simulations and see the results. Formulas are provided for better understanding. This app is easy to use, and you can learn many things about physic.

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