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Jan 302018

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**** This is a paid version for people who want an extra copy to concurrently run for their friend or partner or wants a different color. It is otherwise the same as the free version of Calorie Confessor***

For dieters who can approximate food item calories themselves, this Google Speech food diary app is fast to use which makes you more likely to record all your food items each day.

NOTE: This app only keeps a tally of calories and body weight. It is probably a good idea to use a more comprehensive dieting app with more analysis if you find yourself eating less healthy foods.

ALSO: This app requires an active internet connection for Google Speech recognition to work

Quickly enter food and calories using your devices built in Google Speech to Text features.

To get started you first have to train the app with the number of calories for each food item you eat as you eat it.

1) launch the app
2) say a food item you’ve just eaten including estimated calories (i.e. BANANA 100 CALORIES)
3) the app should automatically exit if it understood you correctly

Once the food item calories are entered, in the future you can just say the food name without the word CALORIES. Once you have trained the app you simply can do this:

1) launch the app
2) say the food name (BANANA)
3) select the guessed calories (BANANA 100 CALORIES)
4) ..or if you want to enter a new calorie value, click on the first entry (BANANA) and manually enter new value

Other voice commands include:
SHOW to display the current log
REMOVE to delete the last entry
SET GOAL #### to set a daily calorie target
GOOGLE to launch your browser to look up the calories of a food item
CHARTS or GRAPHS to show graphs of body weight, daily calories, items over time
ARCHIVE to view previous days diaries including most popular foods
HELP to display help screen of commands
QUIT to exit

— speak the food using the format FOOD #### CALORIES… you can say these in any order, i.e:


— speak slowly and clearly .
— saying ONE HUNDRED CALORIES works better than saying A HUNDRED CALORIES
— approximate your calories to the nearest 50 or 100 calories if you don’t know an exact amount
— do not specify servings or other numerical quantities other than food calories
— After the item calories has been recorded once it will remember it the next time (i.e. next time you can just say “BANANA”) and it will recall

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