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Feb 092018

My Shake Day for Iphone. “My Shake Day” is the first universal app to track your 30-day program journey, professionally coded and built from the ground up. We used our real-life experiences on our 30-day weight loss program to create an app that is an essential companion piece – an app that is not bloated with unnecessary features.

– your full 30-day calendar directly on your device
– track your weight loss
– track your body’s inch loss
– get notifications for your shake days and cleanse days

This app follows the plan you set, whether you’re starting on Day 1 or adding it to your routine on Day 12.

Track your weight loss and inch loss progress as often as you want by easily entering your stats. It does the math for you! Easily monitor your progress through the scrolling history view, identify when you had plateaus and when you had break-throughs.

Clear out the plethora of alarms in your phone, you don’t need them anymore. We’ve included a reliable notifications system to alert you when you need to follow the plan, for both shake days AND cleanse days. Our timers are triggered from when YOU start your day… so if you have a late starting day, so do our notifications.

If you’re serious about achieving dramatic results with your weight loss plan on the 30-day system, this app will keep you on pace. Additional support can be found at our website http://www.MyShakeDay.com. If you would like to sign up for our unique 30-day system, you can also join today and start your journey to Look Great and Feel Amazing!

** Note: This app is intended to be used with the Isagenix™ 30-day system. You may need to adjust your notification settings to properly receive the app’s notifications. Go to SETTINGS > NOTIFICATION CENTER > “My Shake Day” then set to ALERTS, enable “Show in Notification Center” and enable “Show on Lock Screen”. We have selected to use the “HOURLY CLEANSE” schedule as found in the support groups on Facebook, it is a modified version of the cleanse day that provides action every hour making it easier to get through a full cleanse day without large gaps of time.

Our development team is already working on updates, upgrades, integrations and expansions for the “My Shake Day” app. We want to make this the ultimate app for anyone who is serious about Isagenix™ and ready to transform their lives. We welcome feedback as we continue to further develop this app, visit our support page at http://www.MyShakeDay.com to provide feedback on your experience.

Note: this app is a third party app developed by an independent associate of Isagenix™ and in no way claims endorsement or support by Isagenix™ International. We use and love the products and found this app to be an excellent complimentary tool.

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