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Mar 082018

Create web galleries from your digital photos and videos just the way you want it with this powerful software. jAlbum has built in image editing features for basic image re touching. Use flexible templates to create customized galleries with advanced functionality like shopping cart, hierarchies and Google maps integration. Publish your albums on any site with jAlbum’s built in FTP support.

jAlbum delivers:
* Flexibility: Choose between over 160 highly customizable templates (“skins”) offering not just different looks, but also unique functionality like integrated shopping cart, keyword filtering and Google Maps integration
* Integrity: Galleries can be served from our servers or from any other web site in the world. You are not depending on any centralized cloud service. Furthermore, jAlbum uses open standards for your precious metadata and therefore interacts well with any software that respects the “xmp” metadata standard like PhotoShop, Bridge and Lightroom.
* Ease of use: Drop images onto jAlbum and press one button. Done.

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