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Apr 032018

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Filter Designer supports the filter types:

* Lowpass
* Highpass
* Bandpass
* Bandstop
* Allpass


* Bessel
* Butterworth
* Chebyshev
* Linear Phase 0.05 degrees
* Linear Phase 0.5 degrees
* Gaussian to 6dB
* Gaussian to 12dB


* Real Pole Non-Inverting
* Real Pole Inverting
* Real Pole Fully Differential
* Multiple-Feedback, Single-Ended Input
* Multiple-Feedback, Fully Differential
* Multiple-Feedback, Differential Input for 2-nd order LP
* In-The-Loop, Single-Ended Input
* In-The-Loop, Fully Differential
* Sallen-Key
* RLC for 2-nd order LP

Tuning the values of all circuit components.

Reverse: calculation filter parameters at known values of its components.

Auxiliary tools.

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