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Apr 032018

SplitWizard – Bills & Shared Expenses for Iphone. SplitWizard is the best app to magically split even the most complex checks and bills between multiple people.

BEST NEW APP in 16 countries! Number 1 Finance app in 3 countries. Top 10 Finance Apps in 9 countries (including France, Greece, Italy & Netherlands). Featured on the App Store in more than 150 countries… and counting!

Restaurants, road trips, group BBQs, parties and much more! SplitWizard is handy in any situation that requires splitting expenses.

SplitWizard allows you to calculate the tip and to simply keep track of who paid for what (and who owes who).

SplitWizard: the ideal companion for your travels and everyday activities!

– 2 apps in one! 1) Equal split with tip calculator + 2) Complex split between multiple people with different expenses
– Stylish and original tap&swipe interface
– No internet connection required
– Lightweight (less than 5MB)

***** ” Split Wizard, the Absolute Best Expense And Bill Splitter Yet ” – iAppsclub.com
***** ” The best Bill splitter ever? We think so! ” – DailyApps.net
***** ” A must-have app to save friendships and prevent families from breaking down ” – Mobileappreview.co.uk
***** ” The perfect app to split checks and expenses when we are in a group ” – iSpazio.net
***** ” No need to whip out multiple calculators and sheets of paper to try to figure out the numbers. This app does it all for you ” – AppPicker.com

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