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Apr 062018

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This app helps you to pass your driving theory test in China on your first attempt

China Driving Theory Test 2018 app is an excellent tool for self-study and exam preparation. The app is fully up to date for 2018 and includes ALL OFFICIAL questions and answers. NO registration required, NO in-app purchases and NO ads.

• Includes all the official driving theory questions and answers from Traffic Management Bureau (updated for 2018)

• Four practice modes – Choose between 10, 25, 50 or 100 questions (full exam) per test. In addition, a practice mode with only traffic sign and road marking questions

• Practise and test yourself with unlimited practice tests. The app randomises questions and answers each time you start a test

• Browse and study the most important Chinese traffic signs

• Instant feedback on each question on whether you answered right or wrong, and a summary when all the questions have been answered

Please note that the first app launch might take a bit longer time as the latest version of questions will be downloaded to your phone.

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