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Apr 152018

Rating: 0/5

Last Castle Games presents its debut title, Tick-Tock-Text™
Beat your best scores, unlock achievements, or compete against other players on the online leaderboards. Featuring 4 unique game play modes with varying levels of difficulty, this game is both fun and challenging!

*Gameplay requires English Language
*Enter game settings to register online user name 🙂

Game features:
-4 unique modes
-Fun and addictive gameplay
-Eye-catching graphics
-32 Unlockable Achievements
-Online and Local Scores
-Practice Modes

Game modes:
The clock is ticking, as you race to form as many words as possible. Be sure to grab bonuses and time extensions to help you along the way!

See how many rounds you can last before the bomb goes off! Select letter tiles to fill in the missing spaces to form words in a race against time.

Puzzle Box:
How long it will take you to solve the puzzle? Swap letter tiles around to form words in this challenging mode.

Chain together bubbles to form words. Used bubbles pop while those lower float upwards. Words formed from same-colored bubbles award bonus points!

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