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Apr 212018

Fort is file encryption and password management software for Windows. Fort offers an easy and reliable encryption of files. Password protecting files and folders has never been easier. Fort can be also used to encrypt files and directories in Onedrive, Dropbox and other similar services.


  • Keyfile support;
  • Avoid keyloggers, use virtual keyboards;
  • Detects data tampering;
  • AES 256bit encryption;
  • Encrypt using a passphrase, a keyfile or combination of both for extra security;
  • Detects data tampering;
  • Can be run from a USB drive, portable version available.
  • Easy to use and easy to install;

NB: Some antivirus programs might disallow Fort from working. Users can disable the antivirus, install the software, and enable it again. Please, be sure that all the programs are tested clean on http://www.virustotal before they go live.

License: Lifetime.

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