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Jul 042018

Pocket Glasses for Iphone. People keep forgetting their glasses. It happens all the time.

Pocket Glasses is a pocket magnifier app that helps users to see small things without the glasses.
Have your ever forgotten your eyeglasses? Are you tired struggling to read a book or a tiny restaurant menu?

Pocket Glasses app solves all these problems once and for all! Easily changed that tiny blurry text into clear and readable text with zoom and flashlight built-in features.

Use Pocket Glasses to:
– Read text written with small font like: menu, drug information, instruction manuals;
– See better & more details in small objects
– Read in the dark with built-in flashlight feature
– Magnifying and capturing small images

– Zoom-in option
– Built-in flashlight making reading in the dark super easy
– Easy pictures capturing
– Elegant design

Get this view and read aid app and make forgetting your glasses a problem of the past. iPhone mockup provided by medialoot.com

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