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Jul 062018

Rating: 0/5

Towerbots is a tower defense game mixing some RPG elements, in which some bad robots try to attack your defense.

Place Towers, upgrade them, and fight these malicious robots. Use your protectors (available at levels 5 and 40), increase your skills (life, experience, mana, damages …). Earn XP and increase your level, use powerful spells, destroy a maximum of robots, earn crystals and increase the power of your towers, boost your spells, unlock the success, unlock the maps. And don’t forget to breathe :).

This game contains:
– More than 90 maps (new ones are added regularly) available in at least 3 different modes.
– At least 30 different enemies & boss
– 2 Protectors: Hector and CrazyBot
– Several different worlds (forest, mountains, desert …), what a visual pleasure!
– 4 different towers + Opportunities to update the towers
– More than 15 spells (which can also be boosted)
– Success
– Nice graphics, cute robots and fun descriptions.

– no internet connection needed, except if you want to watch ads to win free crystals ;).
– Regularly, new enemies (robots), new levels & new features are added.
– This game has been optimized for lower-end phones, and for tablets too.

Feel free to contact me (blendman) if you encounter a problem or if you have suggestions ;).

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