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Jul 162018

Get the chance to win a license for Audials One 2018!

Audials One is your all-in-one entertainment software for music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and radio stations. This streaming recorder for audio and video with an integrated converter for all media and devices lets you enjoy your favorites in complete comfort. Get the most out of music video platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Co., as well as streaming services.

The software recognizes and stores your music as MP3 and automatically provides it with ID3 tags, album art and lyrics. Movies are recorded in HD or with the recording planner an entire list is automatically recorded step by step. The same works with TV shows. Whole seasons are recorded episode by episode almost overnight, without you having to sit next to it. The converter transfers files easily to another format. Thus, they can be played offline, on the smartphone or tablet, which can be very convenient especially on vacation.

More bonus features await you:

  • Record Spotify playlists at 5x lightning speed and music from Napster at double speed in perfect quality
  • Record Spotify’s playlists at 5x speed at lightning speed and Napster at twice the speed
  • Discover new music to your taste in the vast music universe Music Zoom
  • Listen to radio worldwide with over 100,000 channels
  • Tiles exist for all major streaming services to capture contents from Netflix, Amazon Video, Apple Music and Co. using the best method and is therefore also suitable for non-geeks and techies.


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