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Jul 312018

Rating: 4.6/5

The premier secure & unlimited VPN client for Android, access blocked sites and apps, viewing online videos, shielding WiFi hotspots and surfing internet privately and anonymously.

The ideal user-friendly VPN service
Unlimited bandwidth, no registration, no signup required.

Hi VPN pro ( Speedy & Secure VPN Proxy) enables blazing speed and encrypted VPN connection to your mobile device.
Access your favorite sites and apps with the best worldwide premium VPN proxy any time and at anyplace.
Surf anonymously and privately by evading tracking. Mask your IP and savor the ultimate browsing experience.
Compatible with WiFi, LTE, 4G, 3G and every other mobile data carrier. Enhanced quality VPN servers: United States ( USA ), France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Japan, and India.

Hi VPN’s highlights:

Fast & Unlimited – Fast & Unlimited bandwidth
Simplistic – One tap connection to your favorite VPN proxy server
Stable – Reliable and regular VPN service.

HI VPN Main Benefits

Unlocking Apps and Sites
Access your favorites sites and apps like VK, Yandex, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Identity Protection
Mask your IP to prevent third parties from tracking your location and identity.

Privacy Shield
Shield your internet activities from prying eyes on the web and guard against hackers, ISP’s and surveillance.

Speed Check
Check VPN speed in real time. Network usage is given with detailed information regarding connection speed and others.

Mimic locations by deploying phony GPS. You can check into places far from your original address.

VIP Top Speed Servers
VIP VPN servers are available for purchase at affordable prices. Get blistering speeds at reasonable rates.

Note: Due to the policy, Hi VPN is not available in China and Iran

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