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Aug 132018

The Datamaton Content Manager (Blob) lets you search, organize, backup and use all your digital content, wherever it is stored.

Key Features:

  • Blob supports major content types – files, emails, contacts, social media posts/comments, appointments etc.
  • Blob supports local storage devices like computer hard drives, USB/network drives, phones, CD/DVDs, cameras etc. as well as web based email, calendar, social media and cloud storage accounts.
  • Search for emails, contacts, posts & appointments too, not just files. Search based on whatever you remember. Search multiple local and remote locations in a single search.
  • Organize any type of content (files + emails + …) from anywhere into Virtual Folders and use them just like real folders. Assign tags to organize and find your content quickly.
  • Move or copy files, emails, appointments etc. from anywhere to anywhere. Migrate content from one account to another.
  • Do your day-to-day digital work with Blob. Read, create, reply & forward emails; open, download, upload & share cloud storage files; create & manage appointments etc. No need to log into each account separately using a browser.
  • Create configurable alerts to be notified on new email, files etc.
  • Backup files within seconds of being created or modified (Premium version only).
  • Blob uses your own computer and hard drive for all its work. Absolutely nothing about your content is ever sent to Datamaton or any affiliate.

Please note: once you get a download link, you will be directed to the developer’s website. There you will need to fill in the form and click “Free Download”


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