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Oct 012018

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1. Remove banners and interstitial ads (except for video ads that users choose)
2. We will pay $ 12 worth of items by military mail.
– Commander 1
– Gold 50,000
– Medal 100
– Auto Attack Buff Potion 30
– Increased Critical Buff Potion 30
– 200% increase in gold buff potion 30

# Tank training game battle. Great release #
Save the mankind that is being destroyed by gathering tank units.

Key Features
– Up to 5 tanks units can be hired to battle
– You can hire Legendary commanders to increase the unit’s performance.
– If you collect more than 2 tanks, you can use automatic cannon to proceed easily.
– You can complete your own tank units with various tank skins.
– You can collect materials that make up the tank through the “Boss rush mode”.
– The scenario feature allows you to proceed with the story.

In 2020, The “Morgellons” virus began to spread in the earth, and humans began to turn into zombies.
The civilization of the earth is destroyed, and only a small number of human beings grow together to survive.
You got the tank from the abandoned military warehouse. Will you save mankind in the world of zombies?
Collect various fellow commanders and tank units to defeat your enemies and complete the scenario.

Email: 3xlgame@gmail.com
Cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/tanktrainer (Korean User Only)

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