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Oct 252018

Pomodoro Timer – The Best Timer For Pomodoro Technique for Iphone. Top 10 in productivity paid chart of China

The Pomodoro Technique is a great time management method, it can make you concentrate on work and keep away from procrastination

Pomodoro Timer is the best timer for Pomodoro Technique.

## Features:
** Reminder **
Tick: Quartz Chronograph sound immerses you in the task (off by default)
Vibration Reminder: When you do not want to disturb others, vibrating alert will be help
Ringtones Reminder: crisp tone reminded to complete and the rest remind and complete remind is different

**Focus length and rest length**
Pomodoro: You can customize, the default 25 minutes
Short break: You can customize, the default 5 minutes
Long break: You can customize, the default 15 minutes, after each four consecutive Pomodoro, there will be a long rest

**nice interface**
Tomato seeds on Focus Clock will vary according to how much time, during execute task tomato seeds will light up one by one

**Auto Focus**
Automatic start next Pomdooro after the completion of rest

** Daily goal **
Customize daily goal, let us marching to the target

** Report **
The total number of pomodoros & the total work time, pomodoro time distribution within a week, recent trend in the number of pomodoro

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