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Jan 012019

ScratchTones for Iphone. You got the music in you? Have a hit song in your back pocket? Get ready to rock!

ScratchTones is the one and only multitrack recording studio for creating custom ringtones!

Great ideas happen anywhere so keep that iPhone handy! Lay down a few tracks, adjust volumes and pans, add special effects, and mix down your custom ringtone! With unlimited song lengths and full editing capabilities, re-record and remix any of your tracks, anytime!

Don’t waste another minute waiting for the band to show! Plug in, write a new tune, practice recording, lay down a solo, or just jam! ScratchTones is the essential tool for musicians on the go!

Features include:

• Recorder view with 4 individual tracks for recording, playback, volume adjustments, pan adjustments, and level indicators;
• Mixer view with individual track mutes, volume adjustments, pan adjustments, master volume, reverb, and iPod equalizations;
• Unlimited song length capabilities;
• “My ScratchTones” view to search, review, play, trim, edit, and remix your custom ringtones;
• “Pro ScratchTones” view to search, review, play, and trim professionally recorded ringtones;
• “Buy ScratchTones” view to preview and purchase professionally recorded ringtones;
• Support for Apogee Jam and MiC interfaces on the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5.

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