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Jan 212019

Speaky for Iphone. We all live in a busy world where most of us don’t have the time to sit down and read. We can now get so much informations from so many different sources on the internet but yet it’s often really hard to find the perfect time to read everything without having to compromise on other things we want (or have) to do.

Speaky is a very efficient way to solve that problem. You don’t have to read your articles yourself anymore, this app does it for you. Take any article from anywhere on the internet (Safari, Flipboard, Pocket, etc.) and have your articles read out to you. Speaky will help you to easily clear your reading list without any compomise.

How it works? Give the link of your article to Speaky and that’s it. It will extract the main content, detect the language and show you all the voices it can use. Of course, you can enter any text you want manually if you want. And if you are a Pocket user, good news: You can retrieve any article from your Pocket’s Queue to Speaky but also Add any article from Speaky to your Pocket’s Queue.

Voices and text fonts are customizable so you can decide if you want Speaky to autodetect languages for you, change the voice rate if you want it to read faster or slower, change the text size to make it bigger or smaller. Speaky also comes with built-in tutorials to help you if you have any problem. And it’s great not just on the iPhone, but on the iPad as well where Speaky takes great advantage of the expanded iPad canvas.


+ Import any article or text from any website or app;
+ Manual text entry in any language;
+ No Internet connection required for reading articles;
+ No character length or language restrictions;
+ No In-App purchases for additionnal voices;
+ Access to the original version of your articles;
+ Sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Mail, SMS and AirDrop;
+ Pocket integration to retrieve or add new content;
+ Background Audio & Control Center controls;
+ Lockscreen controls;
+ Universal app that runs on both iPhone and iPad.


– Arabic (Saudi Arabia);
– Chinese (China, Hong Kong SAR China, Taiwan);
– Czech (Czech Republic);
– Danish (Denmark);
– Dutch (Belgium, Netherlands);
– English (Australia, Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States);
– Finnish (Finland);
– French (Canada, France);
– German (Germany);
– Greek (Greece);
– Hindi (India);
– Hungarian (Hungary);
– Indonesian (Indonesia);
– Italian (Italy);
– Japanese (Japan);
– Korean (South Korea);
– Norwegian (Norway);
– Polish (Poland);
– Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal);
– Romanian (Romania);
– Russian (Russia);
– Slovak (Slovakia);
– Swedish (Sweden);
– Thai (Thailand);
– Turkish (Turkey).


– iPhone 4S and later;
– iPad 3 and later;
– iPad Mini and later;
– iPod Touch 5th gen and later.

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