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Feb 072019

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Alien Affection is a puzzle game. It has a valentine’s day themed story (can be turned off), 3 different puzzle games and 75 levels.

Heart Shapes – 25 Levels:
Select the shape that the given heart will fit into.

Broken Hearts – 25 Levels:
The hearts are broken into 2 pieces each.
Find the matching piece that will form a complete heart with the shown piece.

Lost Hearts – 25 Levels:
Find the heart that matches the character in the middle.

Casual Mode:
• No timer
• Skip a shape if you’re stuck
• 10 Wrong taps allowed

Expert Mode:
• Limited time to find each shape
• 5 Wrong taps allowed

* Get 25 out of 30 shapes right to pass a level.
* Replay any level to get gold which requires a perfect round.
* Switch between casual and expert mode and continue where you left off.
* Items are randomly selected and will be different each time you play.

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