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Apr 132019

Rating: 4.6/5

Axial Control (Formerly InControl Home Automation) allows you to control your z-wave and clipsal lights and other appliances from your phone.


– Page dashboard with assignable shortcuts
– Cloud Support & Direct Connect options
– Check to see if your lights are currently turned on or off
– Turn lights and devices on and off
– Control light dim level
– Control Z-Wave Thermostats (fan on/off, cool/heat & temperature)
– Scene setup and activation
– Scene triggers and conditions
– Scene & Device Widgets
– Create events — like Sunset and Sunrise — and turn on or off lights
– Advanced Rule creation
– Window/Door Sensor support
– Open/close garage doors
– Device Timer
– Z-Wave Support
– Z-Wave lock support
– Sonos Support (Control Zone Players & Z-Wave devices in a single scene)
– Belkin WeMo switch support
– Multi-User security
– Clipsal Support
– Tasker integration for voice control (Tasker > Action> Plugins > InControl)

Please note: Requires free PC software available at http://www.axialcontrol.com and a compatible USB ZWave controller. Some features require paid version of Axial Server software.

For support, questions or to request new features visit http://forums.axialcontrol.com

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