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Lunacy was crafted in the spirit of fine watches – celebrating detail and the beauty of intricate mechanical movements. Dials rotate and levers slide as the watch performs at your command. Consideration was given to every detail, such as the etching on the Lapis Lazuli power indicator, or the manner in which the watch face stays awake for as long as you hold it up to your gaze.

Please note this watch face only works on high resolution watches – a screen resolution of 454 x 454 is required! As of April 2019 that pretty much limits it to a few Fossil watches.

Special thanks to the people who donated their talent to the public domain, and whose work I shamelessly (if legally!) appropriated:
– MilkmustacheMusic and Tero for the amazing remix of Clair de Lune
– Richard “Shred” K├Ârber for the sunrise calculations
– Eric Kilby and Wikimedia for the tourbillon images
– Wondershare ( for video conversion
– Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks for the 1928 Steamboat Willie (censored edition)

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