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Aug 052019

Rating: 4/5

Police car driving gets more action with this new game. Criminals are everywhere, HURRY UP!

– New Police Cars
– Arrest system.
– Realistic car physics.
– 4 Police sirens.
– Ultra realistic graphics.
– Police buzzer, radio, signals.
– Steering wheel, touch screen controls.
– Traffic system.
– Amazing graphics.
– Big city.
– Traffic lights.
– Real engine sounds.
– Free drive.
– New levels.

Amazing game for Car Games & Police Games lovers. Select your car and get ready to be a cop. Drive fast police cars in big city. Keep safe the city and protect the people from criminals. Arrest the robbers, fast drivers or dangerous humans. The best Police Game Simulator on the world.

* Website: http://1stgames.net
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If you have any problems with the game, please email us: info@1stgames.net

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