Predator ApeX Eclipse for WatchMaker

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This basic ucolor design definitely catch the eye with its double sphere, it features 12h time and watch batery.

!!! — >>> You will need to install the WatchMaker Premium v3.4 or higher in order to use this watch face:

– 12h Time
– Analog
– Battery Level
– Color Switcher
– Digital

1. Install on your phone WatchMaker Premium:
2. Check it works in conjunction with your watch (set to watch any available dial available in WatchMaker Premium)
3. Install from Google Play this watchface
4. This watchface will appear on the tab “MY WATCHES” of WatchMaker Premium program
5. Select this watchface
6. Set the watchface on your watch, by clicking on the green button “SET WATCHFACE”
7. Ready!

Enjoy using 🙂

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