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Aug 292019

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Pizza Toppings Drop is a mix between an arcade and time management game.

Drop the toppings onto the pizzas to match the given orders before you run out of launchers.

The orders are randomly generated and will be different every time you play.

There are 3 difficulty settings that determine the launchers’ speed and number of rounds. The game can be slow and relaxed or very fast – your choice.

Earn a wild topping for every perfectly filled wave – use the wild topping to replace any other topping.

Use the speed up button to temporarily speed up the launchers when you’re waiting for a specific topping.

There are 25 levels with 5 waves each. Each wave adds a pizza. Each level adds a new topping.

Every pizza must have a topping, but only 85 out of 100 have to be correct in order to pass the level.

Replay any level as often as you like to earn gold.

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